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  • Smoked Trout Pot Pie with Horseradish Caper Sauce (P)
    Smoked Trout Pot Pie with Horseradish Caper Sauce (P)
    I started working on my Thanksgiving  Smoked Trout Pot Pie around  Rosh Hashana* time.  Because planning ahead naturally  increases the chances of a recipe piece being accepted and published.    I worked it over a few times, parvadapted*  a popular pie dough recipe so...
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  • Maple Cranberry Pear Donut Cobbler (P)
    Maple Cranberry Pear Donut Cobbler (P)
    Originally I put this Maple Cranberry Pear concoction in puff pastry pockets, and offered them as dessert pop tarts for adults.   But as Thanksgiving approaches, I decided it would be the perfect base...
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  • And now something for the Pescatarians: T'Giving SmokedTroutPotPie @koshereye @JewishFood @jewcymag ,

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Every dish has a (short) story behind it, read about Thanksgiving Smoked Trout Pot Pie here: http://reciperachel.com/smoked-trout-pot-pie-with-horseradish-caper-sauce-p/

16 hours ago

Why, yes, that is a Maple Cranberry Pear Donut Cobbler! A delicious (and easy) Thanksgiving dessert that will make everyone happy. http://reciperachel.com/maple-cranberry-pear-donut-cobbler-p/

2 days ago

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Bissel (bis-sul)Yiddish: A bit, a little.
B'Tayavon (be-teya-von) Hebrew: Bon Appetit! Enjoy (in reference to a meal/dish)
Faux-sher Food (fo-shure) Rachelese: Kosher food in disguise. The minute Judy bit into the krab kake she was a fauxsher food fan.
Taim (tay-yim) Hebrew: yummy, delicious
Zetz (zets) Yiddish: smack